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Ice Cream Coffee Near Cincinnati

Ice cream coffee?? Yeah! it’s as good as it sounds. A perfect combination of two amazing treats that will make your tastebuds giggle with joy! Cavu coffee in West Chester, Ohio offers some fantastic coffee with a delicious twist. With whatever coffee drink you choose, one of the options available is to add in some homemade Cavu ice cream into the coffee.

This Ice cream coffee blend is absolutely delicious! I always get the Cavu caramel for my ice cream coffee. This features Cavu signature coffee, the homemade ice cream, some caramel and a small bit of citrus zest. It is absolutely worth the extra fat and calories!


ice cream coffee


Ice Cream Coffee Begins – Cavu Story

CAVU Coffee is a full service coffee boutique with a drive thru service. Their coffee is roasted in small batches right here in the Cincinnati area! Cavu handcrafts all their chocolate sauces, caramel sauces, ice cream and syrups in house. They offer a fantastic atmosphere to relax and enjoy some amazing coffee!


What Locals are Saying


The best around! My favorite is the Cavu Carmel, Yumm!

– Tanya


“Espresso is super smooth and you can tell they’re syrups are made in the house because they are not strong just absolutely delicious!”



“Nice atmosphere. Cute gift shop area and great coffee!”



Where is Cavu located?

Cavu Coffee is located at 7755 Cox Lane, West Chester, Ohio. They’re nestled at the corner of a small strip mall behind IHOP.

So if you want to experience the amazing combination of ice cream and coffee, be sure to check out Cavu coffee and support local!


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